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Ways To Overcome Cellphone Addiction

Study finds that most people check their phone every 12 minutes or less, even if they have no alerts or notifications. We have built up this layer of anxiety surrounding our use of technology, that if we do not check in as often as we think we should, we are missing out.
Besides the wasted time, there is also the psychological issues that comes from spending too much time on your phone. Many studies have shown that social media can lead to bad mental health, leaving people in negative moods constantly.The overuse of a cellphone can also lead to depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and various illnesses.
So here are some tips to help you overcome your addictive behaviour:

Keep yourself on a schedule and keep busy

Turn off as many push notifications as possible

Take distracting apps off your home screen

Do not take your phone with you when going to bed

Offer yourselves a reward for less time spent on your phone

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